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Porn Block Technology could be coming to your PC soon!
If you are a UK broadband customer a porn block may become compulsory if you start a new contract and change service provider, unless you ask for your porn blocking to be removed.

Porn block is the government’s new way to try and prevent children from viewing unsuitable material which may harm their development and destroy their innocence. It is a very good idea, unless of course you want to watch porn and don’t want a porn block on your internet!

No big deal you may say! You can ask for it to be removed. However  if you ask for your porn block to be removed then not only are asking your internet broadband provider to remove your porn block, but you are also possibly putting your kids at risk as well as informing your wife, girlfriend, children, work colleagues or even your parents that you want the porn block removed. You will effectively be telling the world …  “I want to watch porn!!”

Also who knows who’s monitoring your browsing habits at work or online? You never know when “big brother” is watching over you.

Satellite TV provides the answer in the form of Adult Viewing Cards which allow access to Europes finest Adult XXX, of which there are many suppliers remaining, however one of the oldest established suppliers Viewtech Digital Ltd who’s Adult Viewing Cards we have described here.

When you watch Satellite Porn your privacy is assured as “Big Brother” can’t monitor you or see what you’ve been watching as can be done online. All you need is a basic piece of satellite receiver kit, a small dish and an adult viewing card. Does anyone remember the good old days of watching porn on your tv with adult viewing cards? Well they haven’t gone away and thousands of people use satellite tv all over the world to watch porn.

You may recall Adult Viewing Cards for Red Hot Dutch, Filmnet, TV1000, TV Erotica, Sex View TV, Theme X, TV Erotica, Rendez-Vous, Channel Bizzarre and many other enthusiast channels from the past. The good news is that there are still plenty of adult satellite tv channels out there and all you need to view them is a suitable adult viewing card and a cheap receiver.

In addition there are Adult Set Top Boxes which connect directly to your broadband network but are totally separate from your internet browsing  so wont be affected by your porn block. One such unit is the VIP TV Adult IPTV box which can be discretely hidden and has parental controls. With VIP TV Adult IPTV you get the option of either channel hopping or watching adult XXX movies on a video on demand basis. So you could potentially watch porn and keep your kids internet browsing safe and separate after all!!

Using Adult Viewing Cards in conjunction with a satellite receiver allows users to enjoy high definition pictures directly to their tv sets. The channels are from market leaders such as Brazzers TV, Hustler HD, Redlight HD, Private TV and now Pink’O TV where viewers can watch full length movies in High Definition, rather than looking for 5 minute clips of porn online.

There are also channels that have their own material that you will rarely ever see online such as French Lover TV, SCT from Italy, as well as little known porn site channels such as Pink’O TV, a favourite in Italy.

The world of Adult Viewing Cards is an entirely different viewing experience!!

So whats available and where can you buy it? What equipment do you require?

VIP TV Adult Set Top Box


The easiest way of watching hardcore porn outside of the porn block is with a VIP TV IPTV Adult box that connects to your broadband network, either directly using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly using an optional WiFi adapter. The simply need to power the box up then connect it to a TV via HDMI or a scart. Once connected you will be able to view 40+ channels of themed HD porn or watch a movie on a video on demand basis. These units work worldwide, even in the Middle East. All you need a connection speed of at least 2.5Mbps.


The VIP TV Adult IPTV box is very discrete and will blend into your home cinema setup and without the remote control the box cannot be used, even without the strict parental controls in place.

The Motorola VIP TV Set Top Box is available here;

VIP TV Adult Set Top Box

Alternatively Satellite Viewers can obtain adult viewing cards to subscribe to a range of Satellite Channels that transmit on Hotbird 13 Degrees East. The channels are available in Europe from a small dish, although the signal can be received with more advanced equipment in Middle East, North Africa and as far away as India and Pakistan.

Redlight Elite Plus Adult Viewing Card

redlight_adult viewing cards

The very popular Redlight Elite Plus HD Adult Viewing Cards give access to 13 channels, many in high definition including Redlight HD, Hustler HD, Private TV, Dorcel TV, Private TV and the full channel lineup from Italian broadcaster SCT.

Redlight Elite Plus HD Adult Satellite Viewing Cards can be purchased here;

Redlight Elite Plus Adult Viewing Card

Redlight HD Pink’O TV Plus Adult Viewing Card

pinko-adult viewing cards

Brand new Redlight HD Pink’O Plus Adult Viewing Cards give access to 17 channels, many in high definition including Redlight HD, Hustler HD, Pink’O TV, Private TV, Dorcel TV, Private TV and the full channel lineup from Italian broadcaster SCT.

Includes Redlight TV Mobile a package comprising of Redlight HD, Redlight Premium, Redlight Velvet and Redlight Platinum.

Redlight Elite HD Pinko Plus TV Adult Viewing Cards can be purchased here;

Redlight HD Pink’O TV Plus Adult Viewing Card

Brazzers TV Europe 12 Month Adult Viewing Card

Brazzers-adult viewing cards

Brazzers TV Europe, one of the worlds most infamous online services has a huge library of adult XXX titles many of which can now be viewed 24/7 on the Brazzers TV Europe Adult Viewing Card. It is a high quality service and available in standard definition.

Brazzers TV Europe Adult Viewing Cards can be purchased here;

Brazzers TV Europe 12 Month Adult Viewing Card

SCT 12 Month Adult Viewing Card

sct-adult viewing cards

The SCT 8 channel adult satellite viewing card offers the full SCT Package on a single viewing card. Offered in Italy to Sky Italia customers this package is available to us brits on a very popular adult viewing card, which can be purchased here;

SCT 12 Month Adult Viewing Card

Many other adult viewing cards are available from as well as Satellite Receivers, Equipment, Arabic, Russian IPTV, and French, Italian and Bulgarian Satellite TV cards.

View the range of adult viewing cards here;




Programme Guide for Adult Channels on Satellite TV

Welcome to the Sexviewtv schedules & programme guide for adult channels available on erotic satellite pay tv.

Adult Viewing Cards are available from Viewtech Digital as well as many other reputable online businesses.

Here e have provided links to the most popular Adult TV Channels in order that satellite tv subscribers can plan their viewing schedule.

It must be noted that in order to view Adult Channels that you will require an HD Satellite Receiver, a satellite dish facing hotbird at 13 degrees east and a adult viewing card for your chosen package.

It must be noted that the links provided to the schedules are from the following adult satellite tv channels; Redlight HD, Hustler HD, Daring TV, Dorcel TV & Brazzers TV Europe and cannot be guaranteed.

Some adult satellite tv channels such as SCT / Satisfaction TV, Pinko TV & Private TV do not at present offer an up to date programme guide but we will update this page in the event that we obtain one.

For users of Redlight Elite Plus Adult Satellite Viewing Cards, and those other cards that allow access to Daring TV and  Dorcel TV here are links to the latest programme schedules;



Redlight HD Programme Schedule



Hustler HD Programme Schedule


Dorcel TV Programme Schedule


Brazzers TV Europe Programme Schedule



Redlight TV Mobile and what is it?

Redlight TV Mobile is a brand new online service from Redlight TV, a long established erotic pay tv adult satellite tv provider.

It allows viewers to watch a live internet stream of the high quality Redlight HD satellite transmission plus Redlight Premium, Redlight Platinum & Redlight Velvet on your Mobile Phone, Tablet or PC, anywhere in the world.

A total of 4 channels that you can channel surf with No satellite dish or set top box required!!

In addition for Android Users there is a brand new app available direct from Redlight TV here.

redlight mobile

Redlight TV Mobile is brought to you by award winning European Satellite TV broadcaster Redlight TV and screens Top Quality Italian & European Hardcore XXX Movies for your absolute Ultimate Viewing Pleasure!

To watch Redlight TV Mobile simply make your purchase at he discounted price of £19.99 from Viewtech Digital and a valid subscription serial number will be e-mailed to you.

Activation of the service is simple; You simply go to and register with Redlight TV. Once registered then you enter the two serial numbers provided as shown on the screen below and access to the Redlight HD Mobile service will begin immediately.


Redlight TV Mobile works on Iphones, Ipads, Android phones, tablets and pc’s Worldwide

Normally a 6 month subscription to Redlight TV Mobile would cost 43 Euros but as dealers of Redlight Viewtech Digital Ltd  can offer this service for a limited introductory period at just £19.99.

If you purchase an adult viewing card that doesn’t include this service then it can be added for just £9.99 for 6 months.


Adult Viewing Card Packages can be a little confusing so we sourced this fantastic adult viewing card comparison guide from so that you can see which channels are included on each adult card available and whether they can be viewed on Standard Definition, High Definition Satellite Receivers or Online.

This is how it works;

The Cards are named and listed horizontally on the top line of the guide below, whilst the available channels are listed vertically on the left.

Quite simply if the channel is available on a particular adult viewing card then it will say YES in the column below it. If it states NO in the column below the card then the channel is not available on that particular card.

Channels Highlighted YES in GREEN are Standard Definition, are all on Hotbird and can be viewed with BOTH older Standard Definition (SD) and newer High Definition (HD) Satellite Receivers.

Channels Highlighted YES in RED are High Definition or use MPEG4 / DVBS-2 technology, are all on Hotbird and can ONLY be viewed on High Definition (HD) Satellite Receivers.

Channels Highlighted YES in YELLOW are provided by Redlight Television and are only available online from and can be viewed WORLDWIDE on PC’s, Tablets (IPads, Kindles, Android Tablets etc), or Smartphones (IPhones, Android Phones, Windows phones etc). In addition an Android APP is available for Redlight TV Mobile.

The data below is correct as of today 16th October 2014 but is subject to change at any time.

adult viewing card table